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Pressurized Nozzle Turbo Shower Head One-Key Stop Water Saving High Pressure Shower Head Magic Water Line Bathroom Accessor


1.High quality ABS material and stainless steel panel, Innovative design, easy to install and clean, environmentally friendly and durable.
2.Unique propeller-driven design, fan turbocharged water flow, helps you clean up residual soap bubbles in seconds.
3.For water purification, the shower head is equipped with cotton,which can effectively remove most of the impurities in the water and protect the health and safety of the family's skin.
4.No need to call a plumber,Easy installation, simply screw onto any standard shower hose . Can connect to any standard shower hose easily.
5.The shower panel has some raised silicone ball, which can be used for bathing.

Type: hand-held
Product Category: Shower/shower
Functions: rain, water pressure regulation
Material: ABS.
Installation type: manual installation

Package Content :
Plastic nozzle*1

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